Waterfront Tech Series is a quarterly event for movers, shakers, start ups, technology gurus, and entrepreneurial business leaders alike. It is a place to come together and connect over the latest in all levels of business as it pertains to the tech industry, or anyone leveraging technology to help craft the future.

This one of a kind event also provides an open platform for sponsors and attendees to share their own forward thinking initiatives in order to connect with other like-minded innovators.

Episode 1: “Mobile First”
Episode 2: “Privacy, Fraud, and Breaches…Oh My!”
Episode 3: “Game Changer”
Episode 4: “The Future is Now”
Episode 5: “Higher Tech, Higher Ed”
Episode 6: “Changing the Conversation on Tech in Baltimore”
Episode 7: “Smart City”
Episode 8: “HealthTech”
Episode 9: “EdTech”
Microsoft Presents: Women in Cyber
Episode 10: “FinTech:” Data Privacy