Episode 3: “Game Changer”
Wednesday, January 31, 2017
Columbus Center

Episode: 3, had a tech and sports theme, but not really about sports at all. The real topic is how streamlining your technology and being up-to-date with systems architecture/integration can help business’s; collate data, produce “actionable data,” and basically improve communications and reporting efforts that will “change the game” on what we can do with our data from a decision making and ROI bais. We can now quickly produce customize”able” data in this day and age.

There is no better example of this than the world of sports. We can now aggregate our data to make informed decisions in real-time, where we could not before. As it pertains to sports, this ability has changed how athletes train, eat, and sleep, as well as how the farm team in baseball makes decisions today and how teams decide if they should train on any given day. It’s also shaping how the general public watch/bet on sports, how marketing departments put butts in seats, etc….it is truly wild.

We aren’t talking to the Ravens, Pressbox, and Ripken Baseball players about the game of football, per se — we’re talking to industry experts from their business intelligence and digital teams about how they take their data and make it work for them on many levels with technology!

If you and your business aren’t making moves to integrate systems and use your data to increase your business’s bottom line, then you are already behind the times. If you are behind the times, how do you jump out of that quickly? These are some issues to be discussed at Episode: 3.

Lastly, we want to connect business leaders who are not only looking to grow their own businesses but who want to stay informed and make an impact themselves. There is an underlying theme to the whole series: that tech affects us all, not just business owners and CTO’s. No matter what your station in life we all need to understand technology for both personal and professional purposes. This event gives us an open format to stay on top of the issues and ask pointed questions of tech experts about how this applies to our own day-to-day lives. When you have an open discussion with top local business leaders on development of our community and technology, you are bound to make some connections and new peers on your professional journey.